Day School Placement 

In association with Williams Educational Consultants

Are you new to Atlanta, or struggling with the idea of public school for your student? Do you have a special academic focus that you want for your student? What are your top goals for your student's academics? Is your student happy in his or her current school setting?

Whether you are new to the Atlanta area or have been a resident for many years, looking for the best academic environment for your student can be a daunting process. Wendy Williams and Danielle Moore help families and students better understand the missions and values of schools throughout the metro Atlanta area. They work closely with the family in selecting schools that are appropriate for the student's academic and social needs. It is important that they learn who your student is academically, socially, and emotionally. In order to match schools that best fit your student, Wendy and Danielle must know who your child is in and out of the classroom. If you would like an evaluation for your student within his or her current academic setting, please contact Williams Educational Consultants to schedule a school visit. 

Wendy and Danielle, with over 40 years of combined experience in Atlanta area schools, have the experience the walk your family through this process. As Wendy and Danielle say,

"The admissions process can be so overwhelming as you think about the most precious commodities in your home - your children! Carefully listening to your wants and needs, evaluating your child's strengths and weaknesses, and helping you step by step in the process, we will work together to reach your educational goals. Learning style(s), academic interests, extracurricular activities, athletics, as well as family ideals and values are important for us to learn. Once the evaluation process has been completed, a list is provided to your family. We then review your student's list, and help to develop an individualized timeline that includes campus visits, interviewing, and SSAT testing. As an applicant, you may have many challenges that affect your decision-making process. No family wants to begin under the fear and pressure of not knowing where to start. Our organized process helps your family every step of the way."

To learn more about the Day School Search process, please contact The Language Group or Williams Educational Consultants