From a Harvard-bound student-athlete:

I went to Danielle for help with my reading the summer before my freshman year of high school. I had been really struggling with reading in Elementary School and Junior High because I wasn't able to retain the vital information in my readings from the night before. I started to do poorly on reading quizzes even though I had read carefully.
After spending time with Danielle, we figured out that I was having difficulties because I wasn't creating images in my head of the events that occurred in the story. After a few sessions, I was able to create these images so that it was almost like having movie scenes in my head that I could easily reference for the quizzes. 
Now, as a senior in high school, literature has become one of my strongest and favorite subjects. I am definitely going to take these skills that I've learned and apply them to courses next year in college."

From L.W. Walter, Atlanta Neuropsychologist:

“I have a long-term, professional relationship with Danielle Moore and The Language Group. Ms. Moore’s expertise and professionalism are simply unmatched, as is her compassion for the young people she helps. This is why my first recommendation for referrals is to her and her group.”   

From G. Born, Educational Consultant:

“Danielle Moore and TLG are beyond excellent! I am an educational consultant working with children with neurological disorders. When I refer to TLG, I am assured that my clients will get highly trained, experienced speech/language pathologists who are dedicated to helping each client reach their speech/language goals. They are consummate professionals in every way. My clients are ALWAYS thrilled with TLG services. They truly are the crème de la crème in speech/language services in Atlanta ! I recommend TLG without reservations!”

From a very happy mom in Atlanta:

“When my girls work with Danielle, I can let my guard down for a moment & trust that they are in the best hands possible. Even though their challenges are very different from each other, I have pure confidence that she will support them as they need.”

From a parent of high school student in Roswell:

“We came to The Language Group at the recommendation of the psychologist who completed neuropsychological testing of our son. In addition to being ADD, our son, who was a ninth grader at the time, was diagnosed with Processing Speed Disorder, Executive Dysfunction and a specific learning disability in Reading Fluency. The Language Group not only helped us specifically address these issues, but they helped our son become a better student along the way. Through programs such as V&V (visualization and verbalization), our son was able to improve his comprehension of read material as well as his processing speed. A Fast Forward program administered over the summer months also worked to greatly improve his fluency. The Language Group also worked with our son on such essentials as note-taking skills and term paper preparation.
We recently had our son re-tested to determine if a marked improvement could be measured in any of his weaker areas. We were thrilled to learn our son had improved dramatically in several areas. Our psychologist indicated he expected to see some improvement, but did not expect to see as much improvement as was evidenced in the recent testing. To have that much improvement in only one year was extremely unusual.
Our son is maturing and gaining confidence in his abilities. Naturally one would expect to see improvement as a result of that maturation; however, we attribute much of his success to the help he has received from The Language Group.”

From a parent of a 23-year old in Lilburn:

"Danielle, you made a difference in our child’s life. You sowed a seed, which was watered and grew into a beautiful 6’5″ flower. When no one else believed in our son, except for us and family, you overlooked deficiencies, which some saw as faults and failures, and you saw his need and overall potential. We wanted to applaud you and express our total gratitude for all you did to help instill a spirit of excellence in our son." 

From a 7-year old client:

"Flo, you are the most awesome speech therapist I have ever known. You have been the best helper with reading, writing and spelling. Spelling while pretending to cook is the best. Thanks, Flo for all your work. In peace." 

From a very happy mom in Atlanta:

My daughter came to the Language Group with an ADHD and language retrieval disorder diagnosis. After working with Danielle on both language retrieval and executive functioning skills, her re-evaluation shows that she has ADHD with partial remission and no longer has a language disorder. The Language Group has been instrumental in her ability to learn how to manage her ADHD and she is now able to be successful in school.